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Give Kids a Smile!

GKASThe Marquette University School of Dentistry and select dentists in the Milwaukee area, including our office, will be participating in this year’s Give Kids A Smile®  program. On Saturday January 30, 2016 from 7:30 AM – Noon the Marquette School of Dentistry will be offering free dental exams for kids- see address/location details below. Treatment appointments will be available to be made for those who qualify and Midtown Dental Care will be providing selected children free dental care at our office on Friday February 5, 2016.

Since February 2003 when the Wisconsin Dental Association joined the American Dental Association in launching Give Kids A Smile®, volunteer dentists, dental team members, dental and hygiene students and community advocates have provided more than $8.3 million in care to over  64,000 Wisconsin youngsters.

To get your child a free dental exam at the Marquette School of Dentistry go to 1801 W. Wisconsin Ave. (enter from the south side of the building). For more information about the Give Kids A Smile®  program  click here.

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We’re supporting Tosa for Tots

Tosa-For-Tots-Logo-Small (5)We all have different holiday traditions we look forward to and our office is excited to start a new one this year by supporting Tosa for Tots! We’re encouraging employees, patients and the community to donate a new article of clothing our toy by bringing it to our office during normal business hours now through December 12th so every family can celebrate the holiday season with something special.

Four community organizations in Wauwatosa have come together to make a difference for youth this Christmas.  Will you be a part of the movement? We are one of 60 businesses functioning as a collection site where people can drop off an item for donation. This year’s goal is to raise over 1,000 toys/clothing items – let’s surpass it! As we’re reminded of all we have to be thankful for this time of year, join us in spreading some holiday to cheer to others.  Visit Tosa for Tots for more information.



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Our Halloween candy deal…

candy picI like Halloween as much as anyone – I decorate my home inside and out and I even enjoy a good scary movie on a dark night. The thing that scares dentists the most is the Halloween candy. As much as we talk to our patients about alternative Halloween treats, kids still get a lot of candy.

This is where we can help! Mom and Dad if you think the candy is simply too much, we’re offering a great deal through our candy “buy back” program. For all kids who bring in their candy – we’ll take it off their hands and give a toy store gift certificate in exchange.

If your kids sweet tooth won’t let them participate, then we please ask all parents to monitor your child’s candy intake after the Halloween trick or treating is over. After any candy is eaten, please brush soon after or rinse with water. Moderation is the key! Enjoy Halloween and feel free to come in and ask about our candy buy back program now through Nov 7th.

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Dr. Crego’s Digest: September 2015

Mark Crego DDSWhen you need more than a cleaning…

A patient’s gum tissue (gingiva) is the foundation for a healthy mouth, and also provides the framework for healthy teeth.  Gum disease or (periodontal) disease is very common in adult patients, and is one of the first things we check during a new patient exam.

An important indicator of periodontal health is the depth of the space between each tooth and the gums. There is a space or “pocket” around each tooth, which is what a hygienist is measuring during an examination of the gum tissue.

A pocket depth of 1-3 millimeters is healthy, any space deeper than that (4-6 mm or more) may indicate gum disease is present. When a patient exhibits any signs of gum disease, a regular “cleaning” is not the answer.  Many times, a deeper cleaning (below the gum line) may be necessary.

Will it feel different?

A deep below the gum line cleaning usually feels the same as a regular dental cleaning, but it is most definitely different.  The hygienist is working below the gum line, cleaning areas that are not touched in a regular cleaning.

If it’s recommended you receive other procedures besides a regular cleaning, discuss it with your hygienist or dentist and I encourage you to invest the time and money to get your gums healthy again.

What goes around comes around

Gum disease is a cyclical disease. During one visit things may look healthy, and at another visit, early signs of gum disease might be present.  We always work with our patients to discuss options before any treatment is performed. The good news is there are many weapons to fight the early stages of gum disease—-ask us how we can help!

Mark Crego D.D.S.

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Dr. Crego’s Digest: August 2015

What if I need a crown?

Mark Crego DDSWhen a tooth has had a large filling for many years, or had a root canal for any reason, many times a dentist recommends your tooth be rebuilt with a crown or a “cap”.  In order to rebuild the tooth properly, a crown is often necessary to strengthen the tooth, and allow proper chewing function.

The process for getting a crown is not much different than any dental procedure.  A local anesthetic will be placed to numb the area being worked on, and then the tooth will be re-shaped, or “prepped” to accommodate the crown, which will completely cover the remaining tooth. A well done crown gives the appearance of a completely new, natural looking tooth.

The really great news is that today, Midtown Dental Care is able to complete the entire process in one visit.  Our patients walk out the door with a completed crown after one appointment, removing the need for a temporary crown and a second visit.

Crowns are made from an extremely strong ceramic material, and will last for many years. With proper home care by the patient (brushing and flossing) a crown will be an excellent investment in your oral health.  A crown functions just like a normal tooth, and prevents further damage to the tooth it is covering.  Crowns look natural, and can enhance a person’s smile as well as protect their tooth.

To find out more about the types of crowns available at our practice, please visit our website or call (414) 258-5351.