Clear Aligner Therapy & Teeth Alignment

(SureSmile / Invisalign) in Milwaukee

One option for improving teeth alignment is clear aligner therapy, which is essentially braces without wires and brackets. With clear aligner therapy, the dental technicians at Midtown Dental Care take digital impressions of your teeth to create a specialized and unique treatment plan for gradually straightening your teeth. These services are appropriate for both teenagers and adults who are seeking to correct relapsed tooth misalignment. We work with patients throughout the Milwaukee area and use both SureSmile and Invisalign products.

What Are The Benefits Of Clear Aligner Therapy?

When you choose clear aligner therapy for teeth alignment, we create a set of clear plastic trays that are custom-fitted to your teeth. These trays are modeled after impressions taken with 3D optical scanners that create 3D models of your teeth. They are to be worn 18-24 hours a day as your teeth straighten and you work through the series of aligners. 

Because this approach to teeth alignment does not require wires and other obstructive headgear, it is easier to clean your teeth throughout the process. Additionally, many people enjoy the discretion of clear aligners, which is much less visually apparent than other alignment methods. Additionally, this approach provides you, as the patient, more control over your teeth straightening experience than traditional braces do. You can choose when you need to remove the aligners to take breaks and will not need to visit the dentist for wire tightenings. 

Why Choose Midtown Dental Care for Teeth Alignment?

As opposed to some other dental offices, we rely on our top-of-the-line 3D scanners to take digital impressions for creating your aligners. That means there is no unpleasant impression material for you to bite into! Additionally, because we are a full-service dental provider, you can combine your aligner appointment with your routine hygiene and checkup appointments. We also work within a quick turnaround time with impression-taking to delivery of your aligners usually occurring within three to four weeks. How long you will need to wear the aligners will depend on the current placement of your teeth. 

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To start exploring the option for teeth alignment using clear aligner therapy, contact Midtown Dental Care today. Because SureSmile and Invisalign are designed to work in a slow and steady manner to correct the placement of your teeth, we recommend getting started as soon as possible on the process. You can book an appointment to discuss these teeth alignment options as part of a regular dental checkup.

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