CEREC Crown / PRIMESCAN / Crown in a Day in Milwaukee

When a tooth breaks or is otherwise structurally unsound, a crown helps to rebuild that tooth’s shape and functionality. Crowns are essentially strong, artificial caps that appear identical to your natural tooth and are secured just on top of the tooth. They are usually made of ceramic or composite materials. The tooth in need of a crown is prepared for the procedure and 3D scanned to create a perfect digital image, which is used to construct the crown itself. At Midtown Dental Care in Milwaukee, the crown is constructed in our office, making the entire process very fast and convenient for you.  

What Are CEREC Crowns? 

CEREC stands for “chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics” and refers to crowns that are constructed using computer design and manufacturing (also known as CAD/CAM technology). The bad-tasting impression materials are long gone and have been replaced by a convenient digital camera.  

This advanced approach to making dental crowns allows us to create and deliver a crown in just one day. You can come into our office for an appointment, we will prepare your tooth for the crown, and take a digital impression. After that, we design the crown, mill it on a milling machine, and sinter it in an oven. This entire process can be completed in under two hours.  

Why Come To Midtown Dental Care For Your CEREC Crown

At Midtown Dental Care, we pride ourselves on outstanding crown construction and placement. We create exact margins for the crowns on the tooth, so you experience an improved fit. You will also save time by being able to have your crown placed in the same appointment. Additionally, we use permanent cement for crown placement, which means you will have decreased sensitivity in comparison to the outcomes associated with other methods and materials. 

When you are able to receive a crown in a day, you also do not have to worry about the hassles of temporary crowns, such as the potential for losing the temporary crown. Instead, just come in and have your broken tooth fixed in approximately 60-90 minutes.   

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If you are in immediate need of a CEREC crown, give Midtown Dental Care a call today at (414) 258-5351! But if you are looking for other types of dental care, information, or services, we offer a wide array. Beyond crowns, we also offer veneers and take impressions for partials. If you are not sure what type of dental services you might be in need of, you can schedule a preventive dentistry appointment. We will help you keep your smile healthy and beautiful through regular care and checkups. 

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