Teeth Cleanings in Milwaukee

At Midtown Dental Care in Milwaukee, we believe that one of the most important approaches to maintaining oral health is preventative care. This includes proper teeth cleanings. And one of the most crucial preventative treatments is regular teeth cleaning services. They offer a variety of benefits that can keep your teeth and gums healthy for the foreseeable future. 

Prevent Plaque & Tartar 

Regular professional teeth cleanings are one of the most effective ways to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. It is of course important to do so because an accumulation of plaque and tartar can lead to the development of dental diseases. Additionally, these cleanings offer the chance to identify and prevent the development of gum disease and tooth decay. 

Keep An Eye On Your Oral Health

In addition to making note of any issues during the cleaning, the hygienists at Midtown Dental Care also provide a more comprehensive assessment of your oral health. During your cleaning, our dental professionals will check your gums for signs of decay or recession in an effort to determine your risk of developing any dental diseases. 

Answer Your Questions

Along with discussion of your oral health assessment, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions about your teeth and gums before and after your teeth cleaning session. You might inquire about your daily care habits as well as what you could do differently to better ensure your ongoing oral health. We do our best to help you understand any issue we are seeing with your teeth and what to do to mitigate them.  

The Teeth Cleaning Process

You may still be wondering, “what will the actual teeth cleaning process look like?” Well, at Midtown Dental Care, we use both manual and electric cleaning tools to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth depending upon your dental needs.. After that, we polish your enamel with professional dental polishers. Additionally, we always strive to minimize any pain or discomfort during the cleaning process. 

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If you are ready to take better care of your teeth and gums, turn to Midtown Dental Care’s professional teeth cleaning services. This preventative approach will leave your teeth feeling and looking their best. Book an appointment with us today for your annual check up or six-month cleaning. We look forward to seeing your smile soon!

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