Full Mouth Reconstruction

As a full service dental office, Midtown Dental in Milwaukee offers full mouth reconstruction services. This service is considered a form of cosmetic dentistry. We offer cosmetic dentistry services at Midtown Dental because we believe that all of our patients deserve the smile they want. Additionally, restorations can help with more than just improving the beauty of your smile; they can also aim to improve biting and chewing efficiency, which can help to maintain your teeth and overall health of your mouth in the long run. 

What This Service Includes

The variety of services that fall under the category of “full mouth restoration” can be extensive. Midtown Dental offers a full range of services from individual veneers to full mouth rehabilitation. Other services we offer that are related to restoration include onlays, crowns, dental implants, and dentures. When you meet with your dentist, they will discuss with you which of these will best suit your purposes as well as what you can expect from these procedures. We can then schedule the chosen procedures and start to prepare you for them.  

Why Choose Us For Your Milwaukee-Area Dental Needs

There are plenty of reasons to come to Midtown Dental for full mouth restoration services. First, we have over 30 years of experience serving the Milwaukee and Wauwatosa communities. That means we have the skills and knowledge you want in a dentist as well as the kindness, patience, and understanding you should expect. We always strive to support you as the patient and listen to your needs. We at Midtown Dental will walk you through all of the appropriate options and help you make your decisions. We are also always willing to bring in specialists if your case is more complex. Schedule an appointment with us today so we can get started today with a consultation to discuss full mouth restoration and our other cosmetic dentistry services!