Pediatric Dentist Treatment in Milwaukee

When it is time to establish a dentist for your child, it is important to find one your whole family will be comfortable with. At Midtown Dental Care in Milwaukee, we have established a safe and inviting environment for your child to learn about the importance of dental care. We take into account official guidelines for pediatric dentist services along with your child’s individual needs.  

Pediatric Dental Care 

At Midtown Dental, we are committed to providing a child-friendly setting and overall positive experiences for our youngest patients. During your child’s first visit, we will demonstrate all the pediatric dentistry gadgets to them. These gadgets include the air-water syringe, the moving chair, the big flashlight, and more. Then, when the child is comfortable and allows us to, we will sometimes brush their teeth and check their mouth for a health evaluation. 

We strongly believe that the more a child experiences the dental office as a positive setting, the more enthusiasm they will have about their overall dental health and the ways they can maintain it. We have prepared a welcoming setting from the waiting room onward. 

A Child’s First Dental Visit

You may be wondering when should your child first visit the dentist? Well, both the AAPD and ADA recommend the first dental visit occur before the age of one. However, you want to bring your child in for their first dental visit as soon as their first tooth emerges. So, even if that is at 6 months or before, go ahead and schedule an appointment with us right away when that first tooth shows up! 

Scheduling regular dental appointments is recommended at such a young age in part because tooth decay is quite prominent in children under 5. Establishing early and regular visits allows us to spot developing conditions earlier, which allows for earlier diagnosis and treatments that can prevent a variety of harmful conditions. 

Midtown Dental Care Provides All Your Pediatric Dentist Services

To learn more about our pediatric dentist services or to book an appointment for your child, contact us today! If you are looking for any tips or advice for preparing your little one for their first pediatric dentistry appointment, let us know. We look forward to keeping your whole family smiling confidently! 

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